Design & Engineering

Meeting the style, design and specific functional requirements of the target market is the common denominator of all successful new products.

At Kelly Fabricators, our design and engineering team is committed to developing products which exceed your expectations by researching the most cost effective production methods, and then utilizing the latest materials and equipment technology available to produce your parts as efficiently as possible.

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Laser Cutting and Punching

Our Mazak 1500 watt laser FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) is the centerpiece of our manufacturing operation.

The system features automated loading/unloading & dynamic nesting, along with a 3/8-inch plate burning capability at tolerances of .004-inch with 24 tons of sheet metal capacity. The equipment is so smart it can run by itself providing a labor-free 3rd shift allowing us to increase our overall plant capacity to respond promptly to your unforeseeable spikes in demand.


Powder Coat Finishing

Utilizing the latest powder paint finish technology, our new Wagner paint system can provide you with the most durable finish in an infinite variety of colors and textures, protecting your metal parts from corrosion, abrasion and ultraviolet rays.

Our full powder recovery system is environmentally friendly and our efficient quick color change capability allows us to react to your unique finish requirements with minimal lead-time.



The forming department includes equipment designed for precision bending  and quick die change.  Our  capacity includes the ability to bend a ten foot length of 1/4 plate.  With machine controls that  include state of the art software, complex forming requirements become simple  to setup easy to replicate.




We can handle your component assembly, sub-assembly and welding including Heli Arc, Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) and Resistance Spot Welding. Skilled metal craftsman use our full line of CNC metal fabrication equipment to shear, laser cut, punch and form your parts.



With our UL Certified assembly operation, Kelly Fab can provide you with fully assembled products, merchandising displays or sub-assemblies packaged, labeled/bar-coded & shipped to your specifications.

It does not matter if you need 50 units or 50,000 units, our modularly structured assembly area allows us the flexibility to be cost competitive with our assembly regardless of your volume requirements.